Have you got a friend looking for a new job opportunity?

£200 reward when you refer a friend to us.

Imagine earning £200 for doing little more than filling in a few details and being a good friend. Well, you could do just that by recommending a friend, work colleague or relative to H&R Recruitment

By simply completing the form below, you could be doing someone you know, as well as your wallet, a big, big favour. You don’t need to be registered with us to do this and we only need very basic details about the person you want to recommend and the role you think that matches their skills best.

Your full name

Your friend's name

Your email address

Your friends email address

Your friend's telephone No.

Your friends current / most recent employer

Your friends job title

Referring a friend couldn’t be easier, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

  • Complete the form above for the position your friend, work colleague or relative would be most suited for.

Step 2

  • If your work colleague, friend or relative is successfully appointed to a Permanent position you referred them for, you will receive a £200.00 reward.

Step 3

  • Your reward will be made to you once your friend has completed 12 weeks continuous service.

NB: The refer a friend payment is for Permanent roles only. Please note all referrals will be treated in strictest confidence.