H&R Recruitment – CV Mentoring & Coaching Programme

We know finding ‘your’ next job is not just about writing a CV it’s so much more than just a CV.

This programme is the next step up from just giving CV advise and can be delivered in a group session or on a one to one basis.

The programme covers planning & support for jobseekers, looking at your lifestyle and career aspirations and putting in place a support recruitment programme offering coaching and support when finding your next job.

The programme is for Job Seekers who have started their career journey and aimed at Management, Senior Management and Directors who need that extra personal, coaching and planned approach on a one to one basis.

What does the CV Mentoring & Coaching Programme Cover

Having the right content in your CV to get you noticed is crucial, we know how to position a CV in the best possible way.

CV’s can be judged within the first 15 seconds, so it is essential that a CV creates the right first impression and impact. Working closely with the jobseeker(s) we help create or change your CV so you are best placed to achieve your next promotion or desired role. With a team of professional CV consultants with over 30 years of experience across a range of sectors we can support and coach you when finding your next job.

  • We know exactly what impresses potential employers and how to tailor your CV appropriately for the types of roles you are looking for.
  • We ensure you have an outstanding personal profile / statement on your CV and LinkedIn which is relevant to the industry you are applying too and demonstrating quickly your key skills and personality.
  • Jobseekers often under-sell themselves – We know exactly how to highlight your strengths and key achievements.
  • With guidance, we will be able to showcase your skills and career history clearly and concisely ensuring relevance, and tailored towards the types of roles you are seeking to apply for.
  • The CV design and layout will be perfect and presented in a professional way which will be easy on the eye, but more importantly will get you noticed quickly.
  • Your CV will be optimised to pass through job board application processes, ATS optimisation and key word analysis ensuring when your CV is found quicker than your competitors CV.
  • We provide LinkedIn profile advice and planning – Offering advice and recommendations on your online presence and plan who you should target to get your next job.
  • We will format a job search project plan ensuring it keeps you motivated and focused on where to find the  job you want .

How does it work?

Your journey will be with the same consultant from start to finish ensuring consistency and relationship management.

  • Step 1: An initial consultation to consult with you personally, to understand your career aspirations and lifestyle, research your history, understand your goals and what you want to achieve.
  • Step 2: First scope and review of your current CV
  • Step 3: First stage recommendations and changes will be discussed explaining the reasoning behind these changes and the benefits to you.
  • Step 4: Further review and recommendations checking presentation, layout, spelling and grammar are immaculate and that your CV is written to the highest standards.
  • Step 5: Optimising the CV to pass through job board application processes, looking at key word analysis so your CV will have a competitive edge over everyone else and is found quicker than your competitors CV.
  • Step 6: LinkedIn profile planning – Our consultant will ensure you present yourself in the best possible way, offering advice and recommendations on your online and social media presence, exposure and where, how and who to target.
  • Step 7: Format and support a job search programme and plan, keeping you focused, motivated and advising where the best places are for you to find your next job

What is included

  • Access to CV templates and list of appropriate tools needed to ensure a successful support programme in finding your next job.
  • A support, mentoring and project plan, ensuring you stay focused, stimulated & motivated throughout the process.
  • 4 hours of one to one of consultancy support from a dedicated consultant (by email, WhatsApp, text or phone– whatever best meets your needs) to help with drafting, motivating, advice and support.
  • As we go along, we will keep you updated on the number of support hours used and you can top up with additional support hours as you need them.
  • We agree all costs in advance for complete peace of mind

For a confidential conversation and to discuss your requirements –  Please email dawn@handrrecruitment.co.uk

Management Mentoring Band A
Senior Management & Head of Departments Mentoring Band B
Director & Leadership Mentoring Band C